Saturday, April 08, 2006

Strange But Important News You May Have Missed

Win One For The Chimper

President Bush recently opened the baseball season by throwing out the first ball. This has been historic for all presidents in recent times, with the only exception of Jimmy Carter, for some reason. George Bush is the only president with a background in baseball as a team manager of the Texas Rangers. Actually his throw was really pretty good compared to some presidents, although some claim his throw was a little "too far to the right".


The Star Wars Kid Strikes Back: Revenge Of The Silly Video

The family of Ghyslain Raza, aka "The Star Wars Kid" reached a settlement in the lawsuit with the families of the other three students who posted this very popular hilarious video on the Internet. By October of 2004, one Internet site alone recorded 76 million visits.

Rather than capitalizing off of his new found worldwide fame, Raza, instead suffered depression and other problems after the video became a worldwide phenomenon. It was claimed in the lawsuit that Raza's life was unbearable at high school, and he had to drop out and his family hire a private tutor.

Many of the versions of the "Star Wars Kid" video feature special effects and other special features. And one on-line petition was even circulated with many signatures for Raza to star in a Star Wars film.

Raza was actually pretty impressive at swinging a stick like a light saber, although his heavy set appearance also gave the video a hilarious quality as well. Why this video that some students found was filmed by Raza in a school studio and posted on the Internet as a joke became such a worldwide phenomenon is a huge mystery. And why Raza's family did not attempt to make this into a profittable "15 minutes of fame" event is also questionable. But in the case of one of the familiy's that Raza's family was suing, a court investigation had found that one father had a recent $500,000 inheritance, and in another case that an insurance company had refused liability insurance coverage.

May the force be with you.


Welcome To Evergreen Airlines: Your CIA Front Airlines

In the small Oregon town of McMinnville, it has been recently noted by a local news station that the small airlines, Evergreen has flown more than 1,000 flights for the CIA. It is also suspected that this airline is involved in flying suspected terrorists to secret CIA sites, interrogation centers or prisons around the world.

But the story gets even more interesting. The owner of Evergreen Airlines is reported to be Bayard Foreign Marketing, with Leonard T. Bayard listed as the owner. But as Blue Oregon has found out in a extensive search, he does not appear to exist. Unlike all other databases that can trace major Oregon businessman, Leonard T. Bayer is a phantom, and appears to be a fictious person. It is likely the Evergreen Airlines is merely a CIA front, responsible for bring terrorists and other international "bad guys" to justice.

Even Amnesty International notes that Evergreen Airlines is closely associated with the disappearance and torture of many terrorism suspects.

A very strange story. A small ailines operates out of a small Oregon town, and may not be what it appears to be, but a possible CIA front involved in bringing in suspected terrorists.


At The Nascar Race Trap

Right wing columnist Michele Malkin was the first to expose a NBC DATELINE social psychology experiment in which MidEast men in various states of MidEast dress were sent to a Nascar race to see if racial prejudice against them based on their ethnic program existed. It was claimed by Malkin that no real prejudice was discovered.

But still it was an interesting social psychology experiment to see to what extent that MidEasterns could fit in to a sporting event that appeals to a largely conservative white male following wothout fear or prejudice.

FOX News quickly pounced on this NBC DATELINE social psychology experiment, yet it is true that FOX has a big financial stake in sponsoring Nascar racing on their network. It brings in millions in yearly ad revenues. But NBC did at least show no real financial moltivation as they sometimes feature Nascar racing on their network as well.

Perhaps not all NBC DATELINE undercover experiments uncover some great truth. But many university student psychology department studies attempt to uncover similar social psychology experiments to guage human behavior. The political right condemned this as an attempt to "create news". But from the standpoint of social psychology experiments, little out of the ordinary was involved in this DATELINE experiment that appeared to fail and not be newsworthy. Maybe a hidden camera of MidEast looking men at an airport compared to more American looking mean would prove some interesting findings.


The Rapes Of Wrath At Duke

After the terrible story of the sexual assault on the strippers by members of the Duke lacrosse team, there was a real effort by some at Duke and some lawyers to attack the credibility of the strippers who made the allegations. But then after a police search warrnt was executed, some items such as bloody fingernails and other serious evidence was uncovered.

The College President suspended the Lacrosse team events for rest of the year after the disgusting evidence was uncovered, and one member of the team wrote an Email threatening to murder strippers. The lacrosse team coach was also fired.

Now ESPN has uncovered criminal background reports on the Duke lacrosse team, and it was discovered that about one third, or 15 out of 47 players have a criminal background and were charged with mainly misdemeanor offenses in the past three years.

Atacking the victim didn't work at Duke as the rotten truth about the team is slowly unwinding and disgusting the nation.

The NBA Race To The Bottom

While 16 of the best Eastern and Western teams will soon be playing in the playoffs for the NBA Championship, three teams, the New York Knicks, Charlotte Bobcats and the Portland Trailblazers are involved in a race to the bottom of the barrel for bragging rights as the worst team in the NBA. While the Detroit Pistons can brag of a .803% winning percentage record, New York laughably lags behind at a miserable .280% winning percentage, and Portland and Charlotte bringing up the rear at an even worse .276%.

While Portland actually has a very fine coach in Nate McMillan who is scheduled to be an assistant coach for the Olympic team, there is little he can do about very poor team chemistry, injuries, or coaching the youngest team in the NBA, with many young men hardly out of high school.

And New York, despite being a major basketball market, with celebrities such as Spike Lee paying $500 each for two front role seats, only to watch his team act as a former shell of it's greatness under former players such as Patrick Ewing, is having a very difficult year.

If there's a "rotten tomatoes" award for basketball, three serious contenders exist this year.


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