Friday, February 24, 2006

The UAE Government May Have Contributed $100 Million To Katrina Relief To Influence The DP World Port Deal

In a possible effort to influence the UAE government owned DP World port deal with the Bush Administration, the UAE government contribued $100 million to Katrina relief to the Bush Administration only weeks before proposing to purchase the port management.

Just like the efforts of master Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who found a way to the hearts of politicians by either donations to their favorite charity or to their campaign as donations, the UAE government may have made the Bush Administration "an offer they can't refuse".

This may have saved the U.S. government $100 million on the surface, but it may have been been intended to put pressure on the Bush Administration to "ironclad" promise that such a deal to sell port management could not be turned down.

Mr. Bush even promised to veto and Congressional opposition to the deal, as though it is a done deal.

But it may appear that the UAE has learned much of the ways of Jack Abramoff and other big time lobbyists. You buy your way on big deals by doing favors or giving charitable donations.

And who ever thought that Washington was a "culture of corruption".


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