Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The War On Houses Of Worship

This morning's outrageous attack on the beautiful golden domed Shiite Mosque in Iraq is the latest outrage against houses of worship. In Alabama, 11 Baptist churches have been set on fire in recent weeks.

Political extremists are using assaults on God's own home to express their political extremism. This is absolutely unacceptable. All houses of worship whether they be Christian, Jewish or Muslim should be absolutely off bounds to politically oriented attacks. All religious houses of worship deserve great respect due the house that is the dwelling of God.

It is indeed a real low in human conduct when any house of worship is made a political target. All right thinking people can only express great sorrow and sympathy for the sad attack on the Mosque in Iraq in which the final Iman was expected to appear at end times. It is also hoped that authorities will soon bring down the elements who are destroying Alabama Baptist churches and soon stop this senseless and outrageous violence.

In Iraq, the cleric Ali al-Sistani is urging retraint on the part of Shitte community, not to respond with violence or attack Sunni religious sites. Ali al-Sistani is a good and moderate religious leader. All in Iraq would be wise to follow his example and resist the urge to more violence or even the worse prospect of full blown civil war between the ethnic and religious factions.


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