Monday, February 20, 2006

Dick Cheneymania Fad Sweeps The U.S.: "Screwing-up Big Time" Huge New U.S. Fad

Classic Newsreel footage from 2006:

Dick Cheneymania sweeps the U.S. Inspired by the near fatal stupid accident of the Vice President, a big new fad to "screw-up big time" is sweeping the U.S.

Even bigger than the hula hoop, spinning in laundromat washing machines or the skateboard, all across the U.S., Americans are trying to top one another to see who can "screw-up big time" worse than anyone else.

Even athletes in the Olympics are getting involved, and falling down just feet from the finish line of important events in the 2006 Torino Olympics by "hot dogging" and "showing off" instead of concentratng on winning the event.

Big corporations don't seem to want to be left out of this "screwing-up big time" craze. While GM and Ford claim problems competing with high mileage and quality imports, and are cutting jobs and closing factories, a group of former inner city dropouts and former gang members attending a second chance auto shop high school class in a Philadelphia high school build a 50 mpg sports car that runs on soybean oil, puts out very little pollution, and can compete with $200,000 sports cars by posting a neck snapping 0-60 acceleration in just 4.0 seconds. The high school kid's sports car is so impressive that it's the talk of the Philadelphia Auto Show and has been featured on CBS news.

Even Radio Shack Corporation is getting into the act, by closing up to 700 stores and claiming a 62% drop in profits, at a time when consumer electronics such as computers, cell phones and DVD players are hot sellers.

Some say these corporate failures were inspired by the failures of the NASA space shuttle program, whic has experienced two deadly failures since 1986, costing the lives of 14 astronauts due to parts that fall off and damage the space craft, O-rings that fail in cold weather, and is partially kept running with parts that NASA purchases from Ebay since many parts from this 1970's relic spacecraft are no longer manufactured.

Others think these failures are inspired are inspired by the Bush Administration estimates of the Iraq War being an easy operation only expected to cost about $60 billion rather than the current expected $400 price tag, or about $2 a week. Under-equipped National Guard units, with a lack of body armor, ammunition , radios and other eqipment were sent into a long protrected Vietnam type war inwhich as many as 147,000 total U.S. forces have been unable to prevent a few thousand poorly armed and organized insurgents from continued terrorist acts such suicide bombings, IED explosions and other terrorism which has increased dramaticly from 2004 levels in 2005.

There even seem to be plans for big new upcoming efforts to "screw-up big time". The Bush Administration is approving the sale of six vital U.S. ports including one's in New York and New Jersey to an United Arab Emirates company, DP World. This is despite the fact that this nation is devoted to the destruction of Israel, has been a home of Al Qaeda activity, has transferred nuclear weapons production components to other MidEast nations, and had a connection to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in this country. If this leads to lax security at the New York port, then a single atomic bomb smuggled in could kill 100,000 in New York City. This appears to be Bush Administration planning for the biggest example of "screwing-up big time" ever planned!

How long is this "screwing-up big time" fad in the U.S. going to last? No one seems to know. But many Americans are sure working hard to top one another in this wild and crazy fad.

End of newsreel.


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