Monday, February 20, 2006

Wiiliam Cowsill, Lead Singer For The Cowsills Dies

In the late 60's a family pop group that topped the U.S. charts with big hits "Hair" and " The Rain, The Park & Other Things", and helped to inspire The Partridge Family, was all the rage among young 45rpm singles buyers. For many young record buyers, The Cowsills were one of their very first record purchases.

Now another bit of sad news about this pop group that included four brothers and their mother and little sister has again hit this popular 60's group. Earlier this year, Barry Cowsill had disappeared after hurricane Katrina and was eventually found dead. Now William Cowsill, 58, has died. He reportedly suffered from a number of health ailments including emphysema and osteoporosis.

It is another sad reflection that the generation that made the late 60's a great time for growing up and helped to introduce them to music is aging and passing on.

One of the saddest things is that the hands of time cannot be slowed. It makes it important to make every day worthwhile and precious and to appreciate your family and loved ones.


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