Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Important Memo About This Blog

Thanks so much to all my loyal readers. I appreciate your support. My internet provider JUNO is having some changes made with their connection to the Microsoft Internet Explorer for some reason. And this greatly hampers my ability to be able to update this Website for the next few days.

But I promise to maintain the quality of this blog as well as possible over the next few days until the problems between the connection of JUNO and IE are worked out.

This is a strange problem and absolutely unexpected, with JUNO offering little warning of this problem. But JUNO is sending out a disc to subscribers to correct this situation. I'm very pleased with JUNO as a service provider. Their service is both reliable and reasonably priced and I encourage those in the market for Internet service to consider JUNO. However this current service problem with IE connects is a bit surprising to me.

Keep the Peace.


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