Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Russia, World Community, React To Worsening News From Iran

Russia has joined the world community in expressing deep concerns that Iran is apparently now involved in uranium enrichment at a nuclear facility. And President Bush offered a comment from his Crawford, Texas working vacation today about the situation with both Iran and North Korea. The U.N. Security Council may be the next to react.

And claim of oil rich Iran needing nuclear power for peaceful means was also quickly undermined by a statement Tuesday morning claiming that Iran has extended the range and accuracy of it's Shahab-3 missiles to a range of 2,000 kilometers and an accuracy of within one meter, from General Ahmad Vahid, of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

The Shahab-3 missiles are based on the North Korean Nodong missiles. And since a trade agreement with China for civilian aircraft made during the Clinton Administration, GPS satellite tracking technology meant for peaceful aircraft landing and tracking operations has been adopted into a military use for missile guidance systems. With so much trade between China, North Korea and Iran, Iran's military most likely has found a way to adopt GPS satellite tracking technology to their Shahab-3 missiles. And Iran has been able to build it's own tanks, fighter aircraft, armored personnel carriers as well as missiles since 1992. After a Soviet arms embargo to the region during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War. Iran responded with plans to build their own military wares, often based off Soviet, Chinese or North Korean designs.

Iran not only has a 3 million man Revolutionary Guard Army and a small navy as well, but could call up millions more conscripts in the event of an attack on the Iranian nuclear research sites which are spread into many locations and heavily dug underground to prevent an attack by American or Israeli bunker buster type bombs. In 1981, Israel shocked the world with a sudden surprise attack on the reactor at Osirak. But Iran has promised destruction of the Israeli Dimona reactor in retailiation for any such attack. The Israeli Dimona reactor is most likely the source of enriched uranium for the Israeli nuclear program, and any destruction of this site by Iran could cause not only an open radiation problem that will destroy farming, but threaten the public in Israel as well. It would also threaten Israel's ability to produce more nuclear weapons if a war should last for a few weeks rather than hours or days.

Israel has a clear military advantage over Iran in military arms, but certainly not in manpower. Israel has a suspected 200 nuclear mounted on land based ballistic missiles, and also aircraft or submarine missiles. There are also nuclear landmine trenches dug alng the Northern border near Lebanon to prevent Syrian tanks from invading from the North in the event of a new MidEast war that could breakout if the situation with Iran continues to worsen into war between Israel and Iran, if Israel would strike at the Iranian reactor to stop the enrichment of uranium into arms.

It was known that Iran conducted tests of a solid fuel motor for it's Shahab-3 missiles in July. And if the ability to launch a satellite can be achieved by Iran, then the possibility to put missiles into orbit to attack the mainland U.S. could be eventually achieved. Iran has long referred to America as the "Great Satan". With such a deep hatred of both Israel and the U.S., a nuclear armed Iran is a very grave threat. The new radical president of Iran may consider it a religious achievement for Islam to burn both Israel and the U.S. off the face of the planet. Iran has become the center of revolutionary Islam versus the more moderate following of the Muslim faith in most nations.

At this point things seem to be quickly moving in a direction that is not at all positive in Iran. Hopefully the U.N. Security Council can put some teeth in some sanction or action against Iran and prevent a serious conflict. But things have worsened within just the last two days to a real crisis point within days if the situation is not quickly contained.


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