Friday, August 05, 2005 Your One Stop Military Wares Website

Suppose for a moment that you're a dictator of a Third World nation, and while starving children search through piles of garbage looking for scraps of food to eat, you've become bored building palaces for yourself. So where do you squander more of your poor nation's limited resources? Well your prayers have been answered. Just like a major department store website, is a mega Website for the world's arms exporters and the nations of the world to get together. Links to the military command offices of most major nations are listed as well as links to Websites by many arms exporters from a number of countries.

One of the largest arms exporters Websites linked to is the Russian arms exporter Website, Rosoboronexport, which promises "quality", "reliability" and other product promises for this Website which benefits the government of the Russian Republic. Need a Tupolev T-22 M3 Long Range Strategic Bomber, to drop conventional or nuclear bombs on your adversaries. Well, you can find it here, along with many other great weapons. What about a submarine, or multiple launch rocket systems or naval frigates. This Website has more than enough to make any Third World general drool. Russia may have a limited economy not able to produce many consumer goods, but like North Korea, China or other states, arms exports are a big business for the state.

And the Russian Republic is not the only Website to offer death wares for sale. Many other nations such as the U.S., Israel, South Africa, and other states have some arms to sell to Third World nations. And this is made very easy as links, telephone or fax numbers to military command centers that purchase arms in Botswana, Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Chad, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Rwanda are listed, and enough information for world arms merchants to get in contact with Haiti, Cuba, Iran, or other nations with deeply troublesome internal or regional stability problems and supply weapons.

And there's some great events to attend that are listed for the militaries of the world and defense contractors to get together. August 16, military contractor, General Dynamics is sponsoring LandWarNet, which is encoraging many American military leaders to attend. The purpose of such events is usually a discussion of military strategy, coupled with corporate lobby efforts to sell wares to the American military. For the sponsors of this event, billions of dollars of military contracts may be forthcoming. Russia will be sponsoring MAKS 2005, an aircraft event later this month. And in Johannesburg, South Africa, the African Defence Logistics Summit is sponsored by two South African military contractors, American Colonel Dennis L. D'Angelo , of the United States European Command is one of the featured speakers. This event will lead to more weapons sales by not only South Africa, but probably by the U.S. and other world military contractors to African states. Many of these nations have very limited economies, yet billions of dollars of arms sales may result from such an event.

But not all world arms get traded through military shows, summits or other defense contractor sponsored "trade shows". The Chinese newspaper, China Daily, noted that North Korea was able to purchase 12 missile launcher submarines from Russia that were decommissioned as "scrap metal". These submarines had virtually intact abilities to launch missiles. And according to China Daily, back in the 1990's some Russian experts helped the North Koreans with missile technology to develop submarine launched missiles that can hit America cities if launched by submarine. North Korea can enrich uranium and station some refurbished former Soviet and Russian Navy submarines off the American West Coast and make nuclear launches against cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco or Portland, thanks to "scrap metal" deals like this that supply dangerous nations like North Korea with the submarines with the ability to launch nuclear missiles against American cities.

A defense of a nation is vital. Yet for so many poor nations, so much promotion of arms sales by military contractors promotes war or even genocide to solve problems, rather than a dialog of differences or a democratic framework of free elections, free exchange of media, or other expected means of open political expression. This will continue until the Governmnent Of Jesus is in charge on earth, and the prophecy that the nations shall "beat their swords into plow-shares and learn war no more".


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