Sunday, August 14, 2005

Iran Claims More War Options Than The U.S. If Attacked

Iran has responded to the Interview by Presiden Bush on Channel 1 in Israel, claiming to have more options than the U.S. if attacked. And unfortunately that may indeed be correct.

Any attack against the nuclear research sites would most likely fail because they are too deeply dug in and cannot be reached by smart bomb, "bunker buster" bombs. And the only the reactor at Isfahan is vulnerable to attack. This Tuesday, college students are intending to start forming a human shield to protect this reactor from an attack by the U.S. or Israel. And this just about sums up the military options for the U.S. or Israel.

But Iran does indeed hold more cards to cause mayhem if the Isfahan reactor is attacked. With Shahab-3 missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers, Iran can and will attack the Dimona reactor in Israel, and could expose it's reactor and create a Chernobyl type radiation disaster. Iran could choke off the supply of all MidEast oil, by sinking a few junk ships in the narrow Strait Of Hormuz. And Iran could send it's 3 million man Revolutionary Guard Army to attack in Iraq and push onto through Jordan to invade Israel. Million more conscripts could be called up. Israel could stop this by launching part of it's 200 nuclear missiles against this massive land invasion, but many of the American soldiers serving in Iraq may be killed by getting caught up in the nuclear crossfire of Israel to blunt the Iranian invasion. iran could sink U.S. aircraft carriers by suicide attacks or with cruise missiles designed to sink American aircraft carriers. And Iran could step up terrorism in the U.S. , with possible agents already in place here. Iran could even step support for insurgents in Iraq, and flow far more guns and fighters than they currently are involved in. Iran does have more options than the U.S. or Israel. Yet the U.S. or Irsrael would definately win a military situation with Iran, although it would mean a major war.

Unlike Iraq, Mr. Bush should realize that any conflict with Iran probably will interupt all the MidEast oil supplies, and will involve major war with significant deaths and will most like result in the deaths of many Americans in Iraq, from either Iranian missiles or from land invasion fighting, or the nuclear crossfire from Israel. If Mr. Bush decides to pull the trigger this time, then the stakes will be very high. The first war time use of nuclear weapons since WWII will most likely take place as Israel attempts to blunt a massive land attack from Iran. The minor quagmire in Iraq will be nothing compared to major war with Iran.


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