Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Ken Mehlman Email Attempts To Use NARAL Ad Politically

When NARAL poisoned the political environment by running a clearly false attack ad against John Roberts the other day, it was bad enough. But now a new Email by RNC head Ken Mehlman is attempting to use this unfortunate ad for political purposes.

In a new Email sent out today, Mehlman claims that many Democrats such as Howard Dean and others have refused to condemn the false NARAL ad. Yet Democrats had nothing to do with the ad, which is by an independent 527 that represents the financial interests of the abortion industry, and some comments by some in the Democratic Party already insisted that independent 527 ads such as by NARAL or the proRoberts Progress For America will not influence their hearings on Roberts. Democrats cannot be expected to take responsibility for 527 ads from an business lobby organization that they have no connection to. And some Democrats are prolife and do not agree with organizations lke NARAL. Mehlman has the right to promote GOP policies or Roberts, but connecting Democrats responsibility to condemn ads that are not part of Democratic Party functions is unfair and absurd partisan politics.

NARAL has a financial interest in the legal abortion industry, of which there have been 44 million abortions since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, or a number equal to the population's of California, Oregon and Washington. Any ads run on behalf of this organization are intended to financially benefit this industry interest group. It is a business lobby organization. And the proRoberts Progress For America represents the business interests of the heir to Wal-Mart , and other major interests.

If Ken Mehlman is trully interested in a fair hearing for Roberts, he should not make it a sharply partisan event. This will only insure a vote along party lines, rather than a fair hearing of facts whether Roberts is a proper choice or not. The probusiness ad by NARAL was unfortunate enough. But poisoning the well by condemning Democrats for not condemning an ad they had no part in, seems to be a highly partisan attempt to mobilize proRoberts forces, rather than a serrious attempt to force Democrats to take responsibility for something they have no part in. Nonsense like this needs to stop. Politics brings out the very worst sometimes.


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