Sunday, April 10, 2011

BMC Motorcycles: Bend Oregon's Badass Chopper Works

BMC Motorcycles from little Bend, Oregon is a great little chopper works. Using ultrahigh compression Rev Tech engines that kick out major league ball bustin' horsepower, BMC Motorcycles offer awesome high performance choppers for extremely fair prices. One good example is the $26k Big Daddy model, a true biker's bike with a 160mph speedometer that will make a Corvette feel like some granny car by comparison. Just $26k is an extremely fair price for a bike built out of such high quality components as BMC does. BMC never goes the cheap-ass route. They are a true luxury brand of biker bikes for sure.

BMC bikes all have a real tough, cool, and custom street look. They look simply badass. And it takes real balls to ride bikes with this much horsepower. The engines are such high performance that you have to push a decompression switch to safely start them because the brutal horsepower of 100 C.I. on up engines will just kill a starter in no time flat. These are the real deal here.

In terms of real world crotch rocketry, BMC is a great brand. Ultrahigh quality products combined with brutal horsepower make this a real dream machine works and the envy of many other motorcycle riders. Why spend up to $80k or more on a custom built chopper when BMC can build you a real nice toy less than $30k. You can look totally bitchin' with a BMC for less bread than many other custom built choppers because BMC produces several ready-built custom models including the Big Daddy and the Hooligan for a lot less bread than it would cost to have a custom frame built by a chopper machine works.

As good as BC bikes are, some dealers like MOB(Motorcycles Of Bend) offer custom one of kind models for sale including one nice black one with a nice forks rake and brass knuckle design logos.

BMC bikes are loud and fast. And like the old Hells Angels saying goes, "Loud Pipes Save Lives". You'll certainly hear any BMC bike coming and going. BMC bikes....what your best dressed bikers will be wearing this Spring.