Friday, April 08, 2011

TBN's Catholic Priest Fr. Michael Manning Admits To Sexual Relationship With A Cousin

Father Michael Manning, 70, who runs the only Roman Catholic program on the mostly Protestant TBN religious network has admitted to having a sexual relationship with a female second cousin. Certainly, the news is shocking because who knew that Catholic priests had a sexual interest in adult females? However, the priest did have his affair with a cousin just to kink things up, so I guess he gets points for trying to be sordid and twisted after-all.

Manning's TBN show is entitled "A WORD IN THE WORLD". However, as a standard practice at TBN once one of their TV preachers gets involved in some sort of pants down or financial scandal, then the show mysteriously disappears from the TBN schedule.

Manning has managed to dismiss the whole scandal by claiming, "That's the neat thing with Jesus. There can be the chance of starting again". This translates into "Do anything the hell you want, and just claim the forgiveness of Jesus later to wipe the slate clean". Well, that's one hell of a standard isn't it? Kind of screwed reasoning to justify priests screwing, huh?


At 6:36 PM, Blogger peteyoutube said...

I know many Roman Catholic ("RC") priests who live in clandestine marital relationships. The marriages may be legally confidential according to state law, or they may be between only God and the couple. Oftentimes it is what appears to be the priest/houskeeper scenario, or a spouse in a distant city. Most are older and children are not an issue. Sometimes bishops are aware of the arrangement, but say nothing until self righteous people discover the arrangement and begin to cast stones, making the situation public. The bishop must then "act" in order to protect his job.

But how do such priests feel justified in living what appears to be a double (sinful) life? The answer lies in the concept of the "greater good." Their ministry is more important than the RC law of celibacy.

Can such a belief every be justified? I believe it can with the application of the doctrine of epikeia (please Google the article "Canon Law and Equity, A Tract Book" by Anthony J. Fejfar for an in depth explanation of epikeia). Epikeia in the matter of celibacy would dispense with the obligation and allow the marriage of the priest formerly committed thereto to continue his ministry, even if the marriage is only between God, the priest and his spouse.

I strongly believe this because the imposition of celibacy for most RC priests has been to the very serious detriment of the Great Commission of Jesus to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Also, the RC Church as a Eucharistic-centered church has denied the Mass/Eucharist to many of its faithful because there aren't enough priests. And, it is against Scripture (39 popes were married, including the first pope; "bishops must be married but once" [1 Timothy 3:2]). These and many other good reasons cry out for the use of epikeia.

Also, the celibate clerical state has long been a haven for men with sexual issues (e.g., the pedophile problem, or men trying to closet their homosexuality). Imagine what the RC church could have done with the billions it spent (and is still spending) on awards from lawsuits, legal fees and time. And what about all the priests who have been expelled? If you have a few days to peruse the list, you can find it here: And what about the 150,000 priest who have left the active ministry because of the celibacy requirement.

If you believe I'm off base about whether priests are celibate and straight, read the book The Changing Face of the Priesthood by Monsignor Donald Cozzens, Ph. D.

Lastly, Catholics should understand that the history of celibacy did not happen because it is a "holy state." Yes, St. Paul talked it up. But he also believed the Second Coming was days or weeks away. If celibacy were so holy, it would have been a sacrament. In fact, it was not until the twelfth century that priestly celibacy was imposed (Google "Letter on Marriage" by RC Jesuit priest Stephen Schloesser, Professor of History at Boston College) -- because church property was being transferred to the children of priests when they died. Today it is also an excellent mechanism by which the Vatican can control its priests by keeping them in rectories and paying them practically nothing.

There is an old concept in canon law circles: if you want to change the law, you've got to break the law. So leave alone Fr. Mike and the other priests who decide to marry or have relationships with women. Assume they have made good decisions in their individual consciences.

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