Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Big Shakeup On TODAY: Meredith Vieira And Matt Lauer Both Out

Just yesterday, Meredith Vieira, co-host of NBC's TODAY Show announced that she will retire from the show in September. Now, Matt Lauer has announced intentions to do the same, leaving the leading morning news program with a search for two replacements able to carry on the high ratings. In the case of Vieira, her husband is ailing from both cancer and multiple sclerosis. In the case of Matt Lauer, reports are simply that he intends not to renew his contract when it expires on December 31,2012.

There must be some nervousness at NBC these days. When your top stars leave a leading show NBC executives cannot be very happy. This evening, NBC has put out a report claiming the two are not exiting. But this might mean that NBC executives are busy at work making sure the two are happy at the network. Sometimes exit rumors are useful for future contract negotiations.

Matt Lauer has been the lead host on the TODAY Show for 13 years, while Meredith Vieira was a replacement for Katie Couric who left for her ill-fated stint as anchor of the CBS News.