Sunday, June 20, 2010

Naked Bike Ride Through Portland Oregon Ends In Serious Accident

A naked bike ride event staged worldwide had a tragic accident mar the event when the owner of a new black BMW plowed into a crowd of the cyclists at the corner of 22nd and Hawthorne a little after 10pm last night, causing a chain reaction crash and a number of both minor and serious injuries to the riders. Strangely, a Portland police officer sitting in a car in dry cleaning parking lot failed to respond or to phone in the incident for nearly 20 minutes. Finally, a fire department emergency paramedic crew responded after a number of riders were unable to get up of the street, likely due to broken bones or head trauma.

The bicycle route wasn't marked with either flares or a barricade. Strangely, the event was supposed to make the public aware of the vulnerability of bicyclists on the road with cars.