Friday, June 18, 2010

And I Thought That My Housefire Was Bad

File this under totally messed up. The last few days I've been writing less due to all the problems caused by a housefire. Well, these problems took a much worse turn recently when the the world's worst disaster cleanup company decided to trash my home the other day.

Call this insult added to injury.

My insurance company called in a disaster cleanup company called Servpro, which unfortunately has a terrible business reputation for shoddy terrible work. Locally, the company appears to be managed by some dirt dumb red-haired jack-off who drives a jacked-up four wheel drive to apparently compensate for some serious manhood shortcomings of his own. But overall, the work by Servpro was acceptable enough until the day when the work crew comprised mainly of South Americans and some white trash chain smoker guy were left unsupervised and decided to trash maybe $20,000 or more in antiques and other valuables from my home. Some items like a 4 1/2 foot tall Julius Caesar figure were smashed. So was a giant Royal Doulton dog figure valued at about $550-$1000. Even Stevie Wonder could see that these were very pricey antiques, yet the work crew hired by Servpro are so ignorant when it comes to respect for the property of others that they can't tell expensive antiques from common trash. That's what you get when you hire real cheap help. A bull running free in a china shop couldn't do as much damage as these idiots can do in just business day.

So what happens next? Well, the jacked up truck guy is just intelligent enough to realize that a major league lawsuit will be coming down his way. So this joker looks for a real cheap way to defend himself from having to pay for trashing $20,000 or more in antiques and other stuff. So he pulls a really cheap trick out out of his bag of lowbrow tricks. My brother probably made four calls to Servpro's 24 hour switchboard the evening the huge damage was discovered to complain and to demand to speak to someone in charge, so the jacked up truck guy calls the police the next day and has my brother arrested for telephone harassment of all things. And according to our brave Portland, Oregon boys in blue, you get yourself arrested if you make repeated calls to a really crappy business that trashes your home to complain about petty little things like them causing $20,000 or more in damage.

Servpro claimed that they were going to suspend work on the house and someone in charge survey the damage caused. Instead, the cowardly jacked up truck guy who's not really much of a man at all brings down a few police officers with him to frisk me for weapons, even though I never made any threat against him or he had any reason at all to fear me. He's simply a cowardly piece of crap excuse for a human being who's afraid to talk to his angry customers so he calls in the cops. Maybe, he should be a far better businessman rather than using the police as bodyguards everytime he screws up big time.

Is a housefire the worst thing to happen to me in the last few days. No. Meeting Servpro and having them really trash my house and put my brother in jail for complaining about their terrible service is much worse than the fire.
Servpro claims in their advertising that they take your valuables back to their warehouse for cleaning. The truth in my case is that Servpro actually trashes and destroys my valuables where I lose even more than the fire itself.


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