Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steve Carell Plans To Leave THE OFFICE

Popular comic actor Steve Carell has sounded out that he plans to leave THE OFFICE after next year's upcoming season seven. THE OFFICE is NBC's highest rated and most acclaimed comedy series and their anchor Thursday night comedy. Steve Carell has had major success in acclaimed comedy movies such as DATE NIGHT, and likely wants to concentrate on these films.

In an interview for BBC Radio, Steve Carell let it slip out that his contract for THE OFFICE series ends after season seven, and that he is unlikely to renew his contract. Probably, his success in film as well as fatigue with THE OFFICE may be leading to his decision. Likely, Carell didn't expect the series to last this long or have this much success.

The American version of THE OFFICE is adapted from the popular UK version of the show.
Interestingly, THE OFFICE's theme song is performed by American rock star, Jay Ferguson, who also had hits songs with Spirit and the less successful Jo Jo Gunne. Spirit's biggest hit was, "I Got A Line On You", although some songs like "Morning Will Come" feature some of the best instrumental and vocal work by the band. And as a solo artist, "Thunder Island" was a big hit for Ferguson. Ferguson's music evolved from The Beatles influenced rock of Spirit to doing TV and movie soundtracks. The original 1984 TERMINATOR film and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5:THE DREAM CHILD are among his movie scores.


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