Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Unfortunately, dvds often become a dumping ground for a few cheaply produced made-for-cable TV films. ICE TWISTERS is such a disappointing use of a dvd. While the film has an interesting premise of a new cloud seeding experiment gone horribly wrong, producing freezing and destructive twisters, slow action and the lack of a really decent enough budget to work with really leave this low budget disaster film pretty unfulfilling.

The premise of a group of scientists accidentally unleashing ice twisters headed to destroy Portland, Oregon is a good enough disaster movie plot. But, more money was really needed to make a much better film here. Disaster movies really need big budgets to work. A disaster movie on a small budget falls real short of any intended goal.

The bottom line: A great plot, hampered by little production money. Mostly unfulfilling. ++(Two stars out of four, or only fair. And that's mostly for a good, but unfulfilled plot).