Monday, April 26, 2010

Jenna Jameson Emerges From Drug Store With Arm Brace

According to a new TMZ story, Adult actress Jenna Jameson emerged from a CVS drug store today where she purchased a arm brace because her arm was apparently injured in this weekend's domestic violence incident at her home.

Jameson decided to quit Twitter today, because unfortunately a few fans of her UFC fighter live-in lover, must have posted some abusive comments. But Jameson was kind enough to tell a photographer that she's grateful to her fans, and that her abuser is in jail right now.

Part of what makes Jameson so popular is that she's always very good to her fans and deeply appreciates them. Despite the very difficult weekend for the actress, she has made every effort to assure her fans that she'll be fine once her injuries heal.

Update: An official from the UFC made a statement that the UFC may ban Tito Ortez over the domestic violence episode upon conviction. Apparently, using his professional fighting skills against anyone, especially a woman is a real no-no in that organization.