Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pita Pit Franchise Offers Fresh Flavor & Healthy Eating Alternative

Pita Pit is an interesting newer entry into the crowded field of franchised eating establishments. Besides really great tasting food, Pita Pit lets you build your pita your way. You can add a huge variety of great items to your meat, vegetarian or vegan pita. Do you like tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, lettuce, sprouts, swiss cheese, a variety of dressings? Pita Pit puts you in charge.

One of the newest Pita Pit franchises just opened nine days ago at 4121 S.E. Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. And the new store is open from 10:30 to 3:00am most days, and until 4:00am on weekends. With these incredibly long hours as well as a menu that lets you build your own pita, Pita Pit fills an interesting spot in the competition among fast food enterprises.

While Pita Pit has an amazing fresh tasting food menu, much like a fresh garden salad in many ways, the franchises are attempting to sell a largely a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean concept idea to America and Canada where burgers and pizza are king. This might be a hard sell.

While Americans want to eat healthier, Pita Pit counts on being in their future. But, customers can be very fickle. Health food stores flourish such as Wild Oats and others. And Pita Pit is counting on being a part of that healthy eating future.

Pita Pit certainly has very good food. And some burger establishments such as some McDonalds locations have witnessed a market erosion over the years as some customers switch to more healthy food. But, can Pita Pit really fill that vacuum? Will the market really swing that much in their favor. The philosophy of waiting for a business to build usually turns out to be flawed concept. Unless many products are popular right off the ground, then major success may not come. People know what to expect from burgers, pizza or Mexican food for example. But does everyone even know what a pita is?