Friday, February 12, 2010

Newly Expanded SUPERNATURAL By Santana Due Out Feb 16

Big news for fans of the ultra-hypnotic guitar stylings of Carlos Santana is the release of the newly expanded 2cd set version of his fantastic album SUPERNATURAL. The new set includes the original album on disc one. But disc two includes some way cool remixes of a few Santana favorites, plus a number of unreleased tracks including one with Eric Clapton as a guest musician. A second version of "Smooth", the smash hit single with Rob Thomas on vocals is also included on the bonus second disc as well.

Carlos Santana remains as one of the world's greatest guitar legends. This unique new version of this classic album of his with the 11 track bonus disc of unreleased songs and new remixes of some classics is sure to please any true fans as well as any music buyer looking for a great new cd to spin.

Cd Universe is offering preorders on this great new album right now for just $12.78 sale price. That's a pretty good deal.


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