Friday, December 18, 2009

Saab Hits The End Of The Road

The much admired Saab automobiles will end their production life soon as GM plans to phase out the regal Swedish brand. GM had been in talks with Dutch producer of exotic automobiles, Spyker, to rescue the brand. But talks yielded nothing. So a Chinese firm will buy the old model equipment and produce some sort of brand in China, but not Saabs.

Saab's biggest problem had always widespread critical acclaim for quality and innovation, while perpetually losing money. GM soon came to regret their purchase of the company, and sought to unload the brand this year as their financial situation became dire and the company struggled for survival. But unloading a money losing business is difficult in these times. No one wants to buy more problems than they can financially handle.

GM promises to offer both parts and service through existing GM dealers as Saab dealerships shut down. And all creditors will be paid for services rendered. But it's a sad end of the line for a very good product that had a long life of cult status and appeal among fans of the quality brand.


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