Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bombshell News!:NBC Might Replace Conan O'Brien With Jerry Seinfeld

Shocking rumors are circulating that NBC executives are looking to shore-up rapidly sagging TONIGHT SHOW ratings by firing Conan O'Brien and replacing him Jerry Seinfeld. If these rumors are true, then they are terrible news for red-haired comic whose former 12:35 show once struggled with cancellation to become an acclaimed favorite by critics and Emmy nominated. However, as the host of the 12:35 TONIGHT SHOW, the ratings have fallen to a 15 year low for the program.

With ratings sliding 52% in just one year for the TONIGHT SHOW, and David Letterman stealing back viewers in droves from Jay Leno's former show, NBC is hard pressed to take some drastic action. The 10pm prime time version of THE JAY LENO SHOW has also been a ratings disaster as well. NBC's musical chairs of moving Leno to 10pm and Conan to 11:35 has been an absolute ratings disaster for the "Peacock" network.

The story from sources connected to the Conan claim that nothing is wrong and that his job is secure, however that doesn't square with the rumors circulating. Things are looking bad for Conan O'Brien right now according to the rumors.

There's a major monkey on Conan's back right now.