Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conan O'Brien's TONIGHT SHOW:Sarah Palin Has A Little Fun At William Shatner's Expense

On Conan O'Brien's TONIGHT SHOW, William Shatner occasionally does some mock serious dramatic poetry readings of a few of Sarah Palin's more unintentionally funny quotes from her popular "Going Rogue" book. Well, Friday night the former Alaska governor got the opportunity to return the favor to Shatner by reading some select passages from Shatner's "Up Till Now" autobiography book for laughs. It was one of the best moments on the TONIGHT SHOW in some time. It was great TV.

The guest appearance was also a great ice-breaker for Palin, who has sometimes appeared as thin-skinned and resentful of the jokes told about her. Earlier, this year Palin and David Letterman had a feud over a botched-up joke that Letterman told that Palin claimed made inappropriate sexual humor out of her younger daughter. Letterman was forced to make several apologies. But it made Palin look humorless to many. The TONIGHT SHOW appearance was a good attempt to improve her image. Previously, John McCain had recorded several funny bits for Conan O'Brien's old 12:35 show which were helpful to his reputation, which can at times be a little caustic.


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