Monday, December 14, 2009

30 ROCK Star Needs Kidney Transplant

Tracey Morgan's tough sidekick on NBC's 30 Rock is seriously ill and is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. The bad news for the 35 year old tough guy actor, Grizzwald "Grizz" Chapman became public today. It is surprising how the seriously ill actor continued to perform with his health in such bad condition as this. He has only a 5% kidney function level. He now receives dialysis three times a week because his health problems have grown so serious

The muscular 6 foot 11 actor also needs to lose about 78 pounds before surgery as well. He weighs in at 378. Chapman also suffers from severe hypertension problems as well. Hypertension is a serious health problem among the African-American community in the United States where better information and treatment are sorely needed to help combat this serious condition.

The news about the seriously ill actor became public during a filming of THE DR. OZ SHOW early Monday morning.


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