Saturday, December 19, 2009

Michael Jackson's FBI Files Will Be Released On Monday

On Monday, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation intends to release the 333 page of files that were kept on the late pop icon. It appears that much of the information was information in regards to his 1993 and 2004 child molestation cases. Interestingly, nothing appears to relate to the recent questions about the questions surrounding Dr. Conrad Murray.

TMZ is speculating that the information most interesting might relate to extortion cases against the late pop star. In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, the information about a possible plot to kill the son of her late 89year old husband proved to be the most interesting reading of her FBI files.

The files might shed light on how much extortion against the late singer fueled the two cases against him. Michael Jackson's own wealth, childlike behavior and bad judgment all left him open to such accusations from others.