Sunday, December 20, 2009

Absolutely The Worst Christmas Movie Ever Made

Christmas is a great time for some very enterprising persons to line their pockets with cash. However, one Christmas movie was so bad that it should have been a felony offense. SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS was absolutely the worst Christmas movie ever made. This awful film is so bad that it has even become a cult favorite among bad movie fans. Even worse, young actress Pia Zadora was forced to wear the worst grease makeup ever. Where were the child welfare authorities when this film was made?

Jamie Farr who would later star in the far better TV series, MASH, was also cast in this mess of a Christmas movie. And perhaps the most stupid scene ever filmed, an inane toy fight with the villain, is downright laughable nonsense.
Unbelievably, this 1964 stinker of a holiday movie even had a comic book issued as well. This is probably a real collector's item right now.
Interestingly, this film recently passed into the public domain, so everyone including their brother has probably issued a bargain basement priced DVD of this terrible film by now. On lists of the worst movies ever made, this film is a perennial contender for the top spot.


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