Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday's Big Entertainment Releases!

Hey kidz , there's lots of way cool new entertainment products out today. So open up your wallets and get prepared to stay home from work and spend hours enjoying these cool new releases in your underwear:

STAR TREK: This big budget sci fi blockbuster film is available today on both 3 disc Bluray set and dvd. While the new cast takes a little getting used to for a few minutes, the movie is darn great with tons of cool special effects and a great storyline. This fun blockbuster made nearly $257 million at the box office, and only promises to clean up big time with dvd sales as well. On bluray disc this is must own product. Get it.

BRUNO: The thoroughly offensive and funny gay Austrian model character send-up by UK comic Sasha Baron Cohen raises havoc on film at fashion shows and other venues, sometimes with legal problems. Darn funny stuff. Highly recommended new dvd release.

THIRST: Is one of the best Asian horror films ever made. If you dig vampires and great horror flicks, then you need to rent or own this great film out on dvd today. Highly recommended!

The Doors LIVE IN NEW YORK: Is the highly anticipated new cd box set by the legendary band. About one third of the album comprises unreleased live material. The sound quality is amazing. For the last several years. The Doors have released a wonderful new cd of some sort that makes a great Christmas gift. Buy one for yourself and buy some for friends as gifts.

Sarah Palin "Going Rogue": The controversial new book by the political diva debuts in bookstores today. While critics have discounted the truth and accuracy of many of Palin's claims, the book nonetheless stands as major autobiography and a great first person account of the 2008 presidential race. Certainly this book is newsworthy. Love her or hate her, this is an important new book and worth reading.


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