Monday, November 30, 2009

Comic Wanda Sykes Suggests Domestic Violence In Tiger Woods Jokes; NATIONAL ENQUIRER Runs Claimed Mistress Story

On her edgy Saturday night comedy program, outspoken comic Wanda Sykes pushed the envelope on the Tiger Woods story by suggesting that he might have been the victim of domestic abuse. Sykes picked up on a news report claiming that the wife of Tiger Woods was reportedly "hovering" over him after his accident. "Hovering is never a good thing. You know who hovered? Muhammad Ali hovered when knocked Sonny Liston out. That's hovering. She beat the hell out of Tiger. That's what happened. But I don't know if she used the right club".

Certainly comics make jokes with some poetic license. However, the mainstream media hasn't ventured this far into this story with the same domestic violence suggestion by any means. But THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER has ventured into a new story claiming that Tiger Woods had an affair with a 34 year old mistress. However, the woman, Rachel Uchitel, denies this story, claiming only to be a friend of the golfer, and has hired an attorney to sue THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER over the story. She claims that she's "devastated" by the story, which she claims is completely wrong. Uchitel claims little contact with the golfer, and only to be one of many casual friends of the golfer.

CNN's senior legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin has noted where Uchitel has hired top attorney Gloria Allred to represent her. Usually, Toobin notes, that clients of Allread tend to remain in the news.

This is all part of the growing public image problems for the golf champion. He has failed to answer police questions three times now, although the Fifth Amendment protects citizens from self-incriminating themselves. Toobin notes that Woods isn't required to answer police questions. And search warrant is unlikely. But some segments of the media from comics to the tabloids are starting to fill in the blanks about the story on their own terms, even if their information may only be mere speculation or even humor. Tiger Woods needs to quickly step up and be upfront on this story to stop this rumor speculation mill from completely trashing him far behind any self-inflicted damage that he has done to his own reputation. The story is unlikely to go away on it's own as Woods might hope.

Tiger Woods' good reputation is now quickly circling the drain. He needs to be upfront now, and to meet with the police to at least offer his own side of the events and to be public on the real details of the story because the public wants some answers. Otherwise, the trashing of his reputation will only continue as others in the media run with the story, sometimes with wrong information.

Today, Tiger Woods has also now removed himself from his own upcoming Golf event due to the injuries he has from the accident.


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