Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad Celebrity Lookalike Of The Day: Bad Three Stooges

Hey Moe! The Three Stooges are like gods in my book. I grew up in the late 50's and early 60's watching The Three Stooges shorts on TV. Their comedy bits as guys trying to earn a buck and work going horribly wrong are classic. That's probably their appeal to working guys. Guys do work like plumbing, carpentry or auto repair, and the Stooge screw-ups on these jobs are legendary.

Hey speaking of screw-ups, look at these guys.
But on the positive side, far better Stooges are coming. Look for Jim Carrey to play Curly in the upcoming Farrelly brothers production of THE THREE STOOGES. Carrey is reportedly putting on 50lbs. to play the role(You have to wonder what his main squeeze, Jenny McCarthy, thinks about that?). And rather than a biopic, the film will likely consist of several short films within the film, just like the original nearly 200 short films by the Stooges. The film might even spur a new series of modern Three Stooges films.
Strangely, Sean Penn, who is often a dead serious actor will play Larry. And even more strangely, look for great dramatic actor Benicio Del Toro, to play Moe in the film. So that heart knuckleheads. Better Stooges are on the way!