Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Christmas Comedy Albums From Bob Rivers & The Three Stooges

Tired of the same old Christmas song shlock every year? Well, with Christmas season just about here, there are a few really great funny Christmas albums that really stand out as real gems. On Amazon there's music downloads available of the rare and hard to find CHRISTMAS TIME WITH THE THREE STOOGES album. The album only has nine songs, however it's a short but sweet charmer. These guys are just as delightful clowning around with music as they are with their short films.

Some of the songs like "I've Got A Cold For Christmas" are outrageous and funny. The opening track, "We're Coming To Your Home" is real funny as well. This is a great Three Stooges Item. A real must have for any real fan.

Bob Rivers who has a Seattle based radio show has some of the best song parodies ever made. And he has three three funny Christmas song albums including a really cool boxset that is available for download at Amazon as well. THE TWISTED CHRISTMAS BOXSET is a real gem, featuring some great song parodies of AC/DC, with "JINGLE HELLS BELLS" and 38 more great tunes. Strangely this Cd box also includes many other non-Christmas songs including a parody of Melanie about Tonya Harding and a Devo parody about Michael Fay's Singapore caning for vandalism. But a real gem is the Temptations parody, "Grampa Loved The Rolling Stones". This is a great funny song about the aging rock band. The Black Sabbath based parody, "I AM SANTA CLAUS" is real good hard rock fun.

WHITE TRASH CHRISTMAS by Bob Rivers opens with a great Jethro Tull parody entitled "Aquaclaus". "The Little Hooters Girl" is real charming parody of "The Little Drummer Boy". It's heartwarming in a perverse way. "Osama Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is a great redneck funny tune.

CHIPMUNKS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE has a great little CCR parody with "Goin' Up To Bethlehem", as well two great parody songs about The Chipmunks. It's a great Christmas comedy album to enjoy on the holiday.

Strangely, Bob Rivers twice appeared as an extra in two STAR TREK ENTERPRISE episodes. So besides being a prolific producer of the some of the best song parodies ever made, Rivers appears to be a devout STAR FAN.

However, if you're a real cheap guy who doesn't like to pay for anything, and own every dollar that you've ever earned, then you need to check out the website run by April Winchell. April is the daughter of the famous ventriloquist, Paul Winchell. And she features a large page of absurd song downloads for absolutely free. If you'd like to hear a real crappy version of the "Darth Vader Theme"as done with ukulele and toy whistle, or the original AVENGERS, Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman struggle with "Kinky Boots", then this site is for you. The lost Kim Basinger album is here for free download as well. This is a real treasure trove of trash funny music by celebrities and others who were simply horrid singers. You howl with laughter at Bing Crosby's attempt at "Hey Jude" among other bad gems here.


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