Friday, November 27, 2009

THE AUDACITY OF HYPE: Anarchist Jello Biafra's New Album Takes On Obama

American anarchist-punk musician, Jello Biafra, has decided to take on President Obama with his latest album of far-left anti-government and anti-authority songs. The former Dead Kennedys front-man's new album has a cover that parodies the 2008 Obama Campaign "Hope" posters. Biafra looks positively demonic on the cover.

Biafra has been active in the Green Party for some time. Outrageously, in 2000, the New York Green Party nominated Biafra for president, and of all things, Biafra chose a convicted cop-killer and death row inmate as his running mate just to be absurd. Biafra also ran for San Francisco mayor in 1979 on an absurd platform of forcing businessmen to wear clown suits within the city limits. Strangely, nearly 4% of actually voted for Biafra.

All of this brings us to this new release which is a mostly loud and surprisingly musically tight anarchy-punk feast of outrageous rock in the tradition of The Dead Kennedys. There are few mellow moments here. This is some loud head banging stuff meant for some serious slam dancing. Biafra's new band features a former musician from Faith No More and other talented performers. The new band is indeed tight.

If you love new punk releases, then this has to be one of the best of the lot. Highly recommended +++1/2


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