Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VW's New 170 MPG 1L Concept Car

VW is running this cool new concept car around a few auto shows worldwide. The L1 gets an amazing 100 kilometers or 62 miles per liter of fuel, which translates into 170mpg in the ultra-lightweight vehicle. This two passenger car has the passenger sitting behind the driver, which may seem odd. However, for the sake of high mileage some interesting weight-saving changes had to be made.
While the styling is very unVWlike in so many ways, the car nonetheless has a unique character about it still with it's slender cigar-like styling and swing-open cockpit door. From the side the car even looks strangely something like a Citroen SM model. The engine is 36hp type, which has as much as power as the old VWs once did. However, it's those modern advances in fuel savings that set it apart as a great technology advance in fuel savings.
Will you be seeing a 1L in VW showrooms anytime real soon? Likely not. However, many of the fuel saving advances will likely find their way into some future VW models in the next few years.


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