Monday, September 28, 2009

Ratings For THE JAY LENO SHOW Continue To Fall

At first it seemed like a great idea. But now the reality for NBC is that the 10pm primetime version of Jay Leno's new show has fallen off by at least 66% in viewers from a high of over 18 million viewers down to a far less stellar 4.99 million viewers last Friday coming in third behind the season openers of THE MENTALIST and GREY"S ANATOMY, which both had around three times more viewers than Leno did. That's one heck of a big fall. In fact, in the ratings war with a repeat of THE MENTALIST a week before the new season episodes, Leno's show actually lost to this CBS rerun. Amazing.

NBC doesn't appear to panicking quite yet. Yet it's pretty obvious that NBC is running less promos for the new Leno show. What NBC now must do is to look for better guests to book to draw bigger ratings for the show. But critics haven't been real kind to the show. Many think the new show stinks. And Leno looks older and more grey as well. And the sort of comedy Leno could get away with at 11:30 seems a little less funny at 10pm. NBC might have looking to cut costs at the network, but have really succeeded cutting ratings instead.

Maybe the Leno show can be rescued. But then NBC is in the ratings dumpster overall. But for a normal network such dismal ratings would certainly result in cancellation. NBC needs to think of something....and fast.


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