Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frontera New Mexico 3 Bean Gourmet Soup Is Simply Awful

Absolutely the worst gourmet chili soup that I've ever tasted is from the famous Frontera restaurants own brand which sells in gourmet stores for all of $4.95 retail. For that price, you'd expect something really good. Instead the apple cider vinegar taste is so overwhelming that it tastes more like vinegar soup than anything. In short, it's simply awful.

Chef Rick Bayless has a number of highly successful restaurants and has won a number of cooking awards. However none of these awards can certainly be for this simply awful soup which is woefully short on beans and more than plentiful with way too much apple cider vinegar. With so few beans in the soup, it has little real body despite tomato ingredients as being the main and most plentiful ingredients. The excessive vinegar taste simply ruins this product. It's far from gourmet for flavor unless you like vinegar.

The taste of this soup is so bad that you'll find it very difficult to finish one bowl, let alone crave for more. It could hardly be worse for flavor. I'd recommend you to skip this particular soup. Poor+


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