Friday, September 25, 2009

Chrysler To Drop Owner's Manuals For New 2010 Models

Chrysler intends to drop owner's manuals in 2010 in favor of a DVD and a highlight booklet. Chrysler claims environmental reasons, however cost-cutting is the most likely reason for the change. The change is sure to be controversial.

Receiving a high quality owner's manual has traditionally been one of the most important aspects of buying a new vehicle and speaks well for the quality of the product. Many brands feature some beautiful owner's manuals that even become collector's items by car collectors.

Last year when I bought a quality Benelli motorbike it came with a beautiful leather-bound cased owner's manual. The extremely high quality of the manual spoke so well of the quality of the motorbike. However, Chrysler expects buyers to be largely satisfied with a DVD costing only a few pennies to make by comparison.

Chrysler may claim that decision will save about 930 tons of paper or about 20,000 trees. However, when you buy a new motor vehicle part of the ritual is getting a great owner's manual to own. Chrysler's decision isn't a step in the right direction.


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