Monday, September 14, 2009

Business & Marketing: Eco-terrorists Strike Hummer Dealer

Eco-terrorists attacked a longtime Portland, Oregon Hummer and Cadillac dealer yesterday causing extensive acid damage to many vehicles. In true coward's fashion, The Earth Liberation Front was quick to praise the act of terror, however refused to accept responsibility for the terrorism. Unlike other terrorist organization's such as Al Qaeda who quickly accept responsibility for their acts of terror, members of ELF commit acts of terror and usually lie about their acts of terror until arrested, and then often attempt to accept plea bargain deals for lesser prison time. Of all the terrorist organizations, ELF likely rates as one of the most cowardly of them all. It is unclear why federal authorities cannot completely close down the organization under RICO or antiterrorism laws. But a far tougher law enforcement effort to close down this domestic terrorist organization is clearly needed.

ELF members were recently involved in toppling two large radio towers in the Seattle area, knocking some radio stations off the air in an attempt to censor the news media. ELF certainly is no advocate of a free society. You either have to conform to their ideology or else.

Vic Alfonzo Cadillac which has become Portland's main Hummer dealer had at least 15 Hummers badly damaged in the terrorist acid attack that ELF officially denies responsibly for, although many ELF members have been convicted before for similar criminal acts related to domestic terrorism. Although ELF claims to be antibusiness, in Portland, Oregon, one of the main leaders of ELF is actually businessman himself and operates a restaurant. Interestingly, in Oregon, ELF has been involved in acts of terrorism against McDonald's restaurants. Maybe to eliminate the competition?

Vic Alfonzo has had a loyal following of older customers for many years, and offers lots of extra care and service to customers such as free rides to pick up vehicles being repaired in their shop, etc. However, a few years ago when GM decided to end the Oldsmobile car line, Vic Alfonzo began to look for another line of vehicles to promote. Hummers became an obvious choice because doctors or other professionals needed these sturdy vehicles to get to work as well as their status symbol.

Portland State University Sociology Department professor Randy Blazak evaluated the terrorist attack at the auto dealer as "The Humvee has become sort of this symbol in our culture" to an interviewer at Portland's KATU NEWS. Blazak is an expert on domestic terrorism and other bizarre counter-culture movements of deviant behavior. Other experts have condemned ELF members from wanting to own property and businesses themselves, but use terrorism to destroy the property of others. They represent a bizarre juvenile and hypocritical mindset.

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith probably coined the term, "conspicuous consumption". And professor Blazak believes that the Hummers might represent that factor in the disturbed and emotionally ill mindset of eco-terrorists who view themselves in some sort of economic war with capitalism and the symbols of culture although many ELF members don't appear to be real communists opposing private property ownership themselves.
The latest act of domestic terrorism has brought in FBI attention. More and more, terrorists of all types are facing better and better police actions. Just today, raids in the United States and military action abroad put a further dent into international terrorism.