Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here Comes The Judge: Ellen Degeneres Replaces Paula Abdul On AMERICAN IDOL

Comic Ellen DeGeneres is an avid fan of AMERICAN IDOL. She absolutely loves the show. Now she has been named as the replacement judge for the departing Paula Abdul who might want to be spending more quality time with her prescriptions. Despite a hectic schedule doing her own daily talk show, Ellen DeGeneres will find time to do the second show.

Despite many rumors about problems in her personal life as well as some erratic public behavior, Paula Abdul was a popular figure on the show. It will be difficult to replace her in that regard. She did have her fans, although she hasn't had a new recording in some time. At one time, Paula Abdul was a major force on the pop and dance charts with many highly successful singles. Abdul is also an acclaimed dancer as well.

Ellen DeGeneres does have a huge and loyal in-built fan base who love her as well. She will bring part of that audience with her no doubt. And with a personality much like comic Bob Newhart, Ellen DeGeneres will likely be seen as the "nice" judge on the panel, compared to the other tougher critics of the performances. Yet, when an act is exceptionally bad, you can probably expect Ellen DeGeneres to launch a joke or two.

The ratings have slumped slightly on IDOL this season, so likely a little shot in the arm by adding a new judge might just help a bit. And Ellen DeGeneres is such a popular comic that she might just bring a ratings boost to the show this coming season.


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