Friday, September 04, 2009

Ashlee Simpson: Puttin' On The Ditz

In case you missed it, ditzy singer/actress Ashlee Simpson was a bit more ditzy than usual last night on Jimmy Fallon's LATE NIGHT show. It was another pure Ashlee Simpson classic performance. Bad. Some might even speculate whether she might have partaken in the fresh refreshments drinks for the guests a bit too much. Regardless, it was another silly appearance by an embarrassing performer who only stands in the shadow of fame of her far more talented sister.
Simpson was supposed to be promoting her upcoming debut on the revival of MELROSE PLACE which looks like a potential train-wreck. The old drama at least featured talent like Heather Locklear, who was always known for a great work ethic. You can likely look for a quick cancellation of the new series if it isn't very good. Then again the standards for what the CW Network feels fit to air aren't very high to say the least. Expect this network to continue to struggle if it continues to air garbage programming far from critical praise.
Interestingly, the new MELROSE PLACE will be absolutely loaded up with current pop songs, which should make it have an identity far from the old series. This is an obvious attempt to make the series more appealing to an younger audience. And Ashlee Simpson does have her fans. But whether she can really act will be a test in this series.
But in a world in which no publicity is bad for some entertainers, it will interesting to see whether the negative buzz about Simpson's LATE NIGHT performance really helps or not. But it was hardly an inspiring sendoff for the new MELROSE PLACE series. The struggling CW Network could have used some better publicity.