Sunday, September 13, 2009

Business & Marketing: Amy's Organic Salsa Tastes Great

Amy's which is known for great tasting organic foods has hit a real homerun with their great line of organic salsas. Despite a fairly steep retail price, the flavor of these salsas clearly rates among the very best sold on the American market. Many cheaper salsa simply add ample amounts of vinegar, however Amy's uses quality lime juice instead. This in addition to the fresh tasting organic tomatoes and ingredients leads to a salsa that is so clearly better than most brands.
Amy's seems to have a real handle on great tasting Mexican foods. And this line of salsas is real good.
Right away, the taster is struck with the very thick consistency of the salsa which is starkly different from the cheaper watery salsa brands. Clearly this is one of the best salsas made.
You can rate this salsa as four stars, excellent. ++++


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