Monday, August 24, 2009

THE FINAL DESTINATION Looks Like Great Gory 3D Horror Fun

The latest chapter in the FINAL DESTINATION line of films looks to be great 3D horror movie fun. With a huge $43 million dollar budget, this film should have the greatest scenes ever filmed in this great gory series of terrible mishaps to innocent victims. The huge scene that supposedly was shot at McKinley Speedway was actually filmed at Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Alabama. In 3D, the audience will likely be ducking from the flying tire scene and crash sequence. It will certainly be great fun.
Director of FINAL DESTINATION 3 , James Wong had to drop out the project because of a scheduling conflict, however the director of FINAL DESTINATION 2, David R. Ellis was so impressed with the 3D experience of this project that he decided to return and do another film in this series. The audience is not likely to be disappointed. Ellis did a fine job on FINAL DESTINATION 2.
While the first three films were shot in Vancouver, Ellis convinced the producers of the film to use New Orleans to film the latest episode in this great horror series. This no doubt brought a nice cash influx into that city so ravaged by the flooding. Millions of dollars spent there can't hurt.
Fans of this great horror franchise should love the great storyline where a horrific crash at a stock car race triggers a series of unfortunate events. Other movies in the franchise used a traffic crash and an airliner accident. Compared to so many cheaply made horror flicks, the FINAL DESTINATION films always feature a great storyline and bigger sets. And this is the biggest and best of the series, although both FINAL DESTINATION 1 & 2 have classic story-lines. In 3D the huge accident at the stock car race should be awe inspiring.
Fans of horror genre films should have a real gem here. Strangely, THE FINAL DESTINATION will have to compete at the box office this weekend with Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. It is strange to have two major horror films open the same weekend for the non-Halloween season. Also strangely, neither film has allowed advanced viewing by critics so far. But both films are highly anticipated and should be excellent entertainment.
While the FINAL DESTINATION 3 DVD allowed the viewer to play God and choose who lives or dies with a great interactive feature, the fourth film in this series should become the first 3D horror film ever issued on DVD ever when the disc is released. It should become a huge hit. In the meantime, the film hits the theaters this weekend and should become a huge box office hit.
This weekend looks sure like great horror movie fun.


At 4:44 AM, Blogger kevin said...

Final destination 3 is if I told you how each person were sliced, diced, smashed, crushed, get the point, then I would be revealing the only reason any of us purchased a ticket. There is no denying those who seen this one in theaters were there just to see how bad death could be dealt.

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