Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alec Baldwin Eyes A Run For Congress

Actor Alec Baldwin, a staunch Democrat, is eyeing a possible run for Congress. Baldwin could announce that he's leaving 30 ROCK sometime this year if he intends to get an early start on a run for a Congresional seat during the 2010 midterm elections. However, it is not entirely clear from which district Baldwin might decide to run from.

But the perhaps the biggest elephant in the room is the volatile temperament of Baldwin, who had an infamous breakup with actress Kim Basinger that made steady tabloid news a few years ago. And when CNN's Jack Cafferty suggested that Baldwin may not be as qualified as Al Franken to serve in Congress, Baldwin had a few choice words in response to Cafferty.

The fact of the matter is that Baldwin has the intelligence to become an excellent member of Congress. And he has the passion to make a hard run as well. But that sometimes volatile temperament is a huge liability to Baldwin who needs to keep it in check if he really intends to be successful. Some actors who have been successful have easy going types such as singer Sonny Bono or "B" grade actor Ronald Reagan. Baldwin is a straight type A personality by comparison with too much passion for what he believes in. And that might present his biggest political liability by far.


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