Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jackson Family Sought To Hide Needle Marks In Michael Jackson's Arms From The Public

Some news agencies such as CNN have now confirmed that the Jackson family might have taken efforts to conceal an extensive network of needle marks in Michael Jackson's arms. His veins were collapsed from extensive intravenous drug use according to one source who viewed the body. Jackson's body was buried in long sleeves and there was no public viewing of the body, unlike many other celebrities, to help to conceal the evidence of this extensive use of intravenous drugs normally used only in hospital setting. One drug, Diproven, for example is normally only used in hospital setting to induce medical coma for serious burn or accident victims. Yet, is was highly unlikely that Michael Jackson suffered from any sort of chronic pain condition comparable to such serious victims of accidents.

As earlier reported, Michael Jackson might have used up to $48,000 a month in prescription drugs. One pharmacy had problems for a time collecting a $102,000 prescription bill from Jackson due to his serious financial problems. Jackson really need to go back on tour and earn some money just to support his extensive use of prescription drugs if anything.

Further, the details of the actual burial of the body still remain elusive according the UK's GUARDIAN newspaper. Reportedly assistant chief coroner Ed Winter in Los Angeles confirmed that the coroner still holds Michael Jackson's brain for further tests. Likely, the Jackson family may stall the actual burial of Jackson's body until the brain is returned.


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