Saturday, July 11, 2009

Classic Motorcycle Cinema: THE MINI-SKIRT MOB

1968's awful, but fun American International Pictures release, THE MINI-SKIRT MOB, is a classic bad 1960's motorcycle film. Rather than a real motorcycle gang, it turns out that the MINI-SKIRT MOB are in fact some girls who ride bikes with some guys who are actually rodeo types with cowboy hats. However, a jealous and sadistic blonde helps to encourage plenty of violence in this grade Z exploitation film that combines plenty of bad psychedelic music with hoodlum violence. In short, THE MINI-SKIRT MOB is hardly a great film, but a pretty good example of typical grindhouse or drive-in movie fare.

This movie will probably make you chuckle more than once at the dated music and dance scene, or at other dated absurdities. And the "gang" of cowboy types riding around on what look like about 250cc Triumphs and other bikes just don't look as fear inciting as a real group of outlaw biker types on big loud Harleys. But still as a classic motorcycle film, this 41 year old film is a pretty entertaining example of the type of trash cinema that American International would churn out. MGM now owns the right to the American International film catalogue and has done a wonderful remastering job with these films to DVD, with a very crisp and fresh picture and sound quality.

While the plot and story are indeed poor here, the movie is still a big kick to watch. And the posters and title of the movie look very cool as well, where perhaps such a great exploitation title as THE MINI-SKIRT MOB might have deserved a better film. But it makes a great popcorn film for any fan of bad cinema or motorcycle films.