Monday, July 06, 2009

TV Media & Politics: Folksy TV Program Gives Mike Huckabee Unique Political Advantage

The popular, but genuinely folksy, FOX TV Sunday program hosted by former 2008 presidential candidate by Mike Huckabee gives him a unique advantage among other possible 2012 GOP contenders. Huckabee long ago honed his media skills working as a former staffer for televangelist James Robison before becoming a very popular Arkansas governor. Further, with his role as an ordained Southern Baptist sect minister, Huckabee has fostered a smooth and genial style that plays very well for a television audience, where his FOX TV show manages to seamlessly blend Huckabee's take on politics as well country music guest greats. Even some country music rebels such as Willie Nelson have been musical guests on Huckabee's program.

Quietly, Mike Huckabee might be building a reasonably large political base for a 2012 presidential run with this program. And it gives him a unique weekly platform to be critical of President Obama on one hand, but also to outflank his other potential GOP contenders such as Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin on the other hand.

The problem for Sarah Palin with giving up her governorship post, is that while it frees her up to earn money writing books or setting up speaking engagements, is that her governorship post was her best possible platform. And Mitt Romney must rely on making enough news to get invited on Sunday talk shows, while Mike Huckabee has a steady audience because of his weekly TV show.

This TV show advantage might just make a critical difference in favor of Mike Huckabee in 2012 if he decides to attempt another run for president. The role of the skillful use of media for a politician to be elected these days just cannot be understated. Mike Huckabee's weekly show might even look a little like some parts of HEE HAW to some causual viewers. But that's part of the charm and magic of this show that works so well for Huckabee. That simple and laid back style gives Huckabee a chance to be persuasive in his gentlemanly way. And right now, no other potential 2012 GOP contender has this same media advantage.


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