Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Stephen Baldwin Hits The Hard Times

Stephen Baldwin has become a favorite advice giver in the religious broadcasting community in the last few years with his own Christian conservative Baldwin/McCullough Xtreme Radio" program and his Breakthrough Ministry project. The only problem is that Baldwin has failed to pay a paltry sum of just $824, 488.36 on the mortgage that Baldwin and his wife Kennya owed to one bank for a mortgage, plus an unspecified additional amount for a second mortgage to another bank, plus unpaid state and federal taxes on the properties. Apparently, Baldwin never read that portion of his Bible that advised while giving God his due, Caesar deserves his due as well.

On Baldwin's official website, the link to go to his Christian ministry website to donate money now goes to a server's main site with a message that the site is "under construction". Apparently, Baldwin hasn't taken the effort to get this site up and running for some days now. And when Baldwin was a recent contestant guest on "I'M A CELEBRITY.... GET ME OUT OF HERE", the appearance was abruptly cut short with a serious bug infection causing a lengthy hospital stay.

Not very long ago, Baldwin was very quick to give advice to others on how to run their lives, and campaigned for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 as well as campaigning against the opening of an adult bookstore in Nyack, New York. Baldwin was like a flowing reservoir of advice to others. Now it seems like it's Stephen Baldwin who could use a little advice on how to run his own life and how to effectively manage his money or his ministry work.

At one point in his life, Baldwin turned to religion when he felt that his life needed something more. But even with that faith, it sure seems like it's the same old troubled Stephen Baldwin all over again. Nothing much has really changed. That's some Witness.