Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Last Days In The Trench?

Here's great Packard rarity that was called "Black Bess" as the last concept car that the company ever built. This concept car appeared around 1957, but sadly this Edsel-like concept car was cutup by a welder's torch in the final days of Packard as the final year of Packard autos in 1958 were simply dressed up Studebaker models.
In many ways, this last days in the trench for Packard is much like the current situation going on for us at Wizbang Blue. The owner of the website network would like to shut down all of the Wizbang websites except for just Wizbang and Wizbang Pop. However, I believe that Wizbang Blue deserves to live on, at at least be included in a larger site with the Wizbang Pop celebrity content. I understand the recent server crash has a lot to do with this possible decision, rather than any issues related to content.
Wizbang Blue is much more than just progressive politics. It's progressive culture as well, such as Cd and DVD reviews, motorbike and auto news and features, business news, law, Internet news, etc. It's a little like ROLLING STIONE Magazine meets EASYRIDERS, MOTOR TREND and BUSINESS WEEK.
It was sad time over at Packard in what was called "the last days in the trenches". I don't want this to be the last days in the trenches for Wizbang Blue either because I'd like to continue. What do the readers out there think? Should Wizbang Blue continue? I think we fill a real market for information and commentary, myself.---------Paul Hooson


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Mac Lorry said...

Hello Paul. So this is your own blog. Obviously, you want to increase your readership and to do that you need some trolls. Have you ever thought of actually posting an official list of trolls in the credits? If free speech is a progressive value, then inviting people with alternate views sends that message. Just an idea.

At 8:07 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Hello Mac. This free blog hosted by Google gives me a working area to put together new pieces. However, it has some problems. There's some software glitch that loses the spacing between the last two paragraphs. And the readership only comes in a few spikes, such as when some other better read blog or news source quotes a story of mine.

Another problem was that I originally had many pieces with a compassionate liberal religious tone when I first started this blog, but then I made the blog more secular over time, losing part of my audience in the process where I now only have around 20 steady readers a day left according to some site data.

Any suggestion to build a more steady readership or to solve that solve software glitch are deeply appreciated.


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