Friday, April 24, 2009

Cds You Should Own: The Doors STRANGE DAYS Remastered Expanded Edition

A couple of years ago when The Doors released their wonderful PERCEPTION 40th anniversary 12 disc box set of fully remastered cds and companion DVDs of their only six studio albums released during the 1967-1970 Jim Morrison period years, it gave Rhino Records the opportunity to re-issue these individual studio albums in this new form. Perhaps the greatest of these original six studio albums by The Doors was STRANGE DAYS because it was so listenable and such a conceptional masterpiece.

What is so incredible about this mere 40 minute Cd is that it manages to go from one unusual surreal image after another and really helped to define the sound of The Doors back in 1968 with one outrageously good track after another including the hit singles "Love Me Two Times" and "People Are Strange". Both were really great singles in fact.

The album opens with the great creepy title track, "Strange Days", and keeps up this surreal momentum through every song including even the very bizarre exercise in poetry, "Horse Latitudes". "When the Music's Over" is a real masterpiece, another bizarre Doors epic on a par with "The End" from the debut album.

The new Rhino Records re-release of this album includes two bonus track out-take versions of "People Are Strange" and "Love Me Two Times". On, "Love Me Two Times", Ray Manzarek got noticeably creative with his keyboard playing, but was far more restrained on the final version of the song used in the actual album version of the song.

Jim Morrison's bizarre lyrics and unique vocal style, Ray Manzarek's haunting key boards, as well as the unique guitar talents of guitarist Robbie Kreiger, all help to make this one of the best 1960's albums ever made. This is psychedelic era music at it's very best. Even the cover art is a classic here.


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