Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pakistan Deploying Some Forces For Possible Military Confrontation With Taliban

The official government of Pakistan has sent some paramilitary forces to the Buner District which were ambushed by Taliban fighters early today, setting up a possible confrontation between the government and advancing Taliban forces.

The Taliban has been known for establishing a peace treaty, and then breaking it as they attempt to seize more territory. This leaves the government of Pakistan with some difficult choices as whether to use the government military to battle the Taliban and whether to eventually declare martial law in the country, much like General Musharraf did, and risk a military coup in the nation where the nation could be torn apart by a civil war between Taliban supporting villagers and the military backed by some in city areas of the nation.

Since their takeover of the Buner District yesterday, only 60 miles outside of the capital of Islamabad, the Taliban has ordered men not to cut their beards, an end to education for girls, closing of courthouses and official forms of justice, and ordered any business selling music or movies to immediately close down. These primitive religious extremists are seeking to tun Pakistan back to the near stone age.

The United States needs a secure Pakistan in order to have any good attempt at any military success in Afghanistan. However the Taliban is really quickly undermining all of this. Democratic elections in a future Pakistan are being threatened. And billions of dollars in American aid and military wares could eventually only fall into the hands of the Taliban including the nuclear weapons that Pakistan developed with it's own program.

Secretary Of State has become the first major public official in the United States to consider this to be a critical issue and is no doubt working with the official government of Pakistan today urging them to take some action to prevent a further Taliban takeover of their nation.


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