Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WHITE TRASH WARS: Episode VII: Levi Johnston Will Continue Feud With Palin Family On LARRY KING TONIGHT

The ugly breakup of Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, which has spurred a very nasty public feud involving both families, is likely to take another bad public turn tonight when Levi Johnston and some of his family members are guests on LARRY KING tonight on CNN and will only likely throw more accusations at the Palin family. Likely the Palin family will then want a chance to respond, only keeping this embarrassing cycle of what would normally be a private family matter, a very public spectacle.

If Sarah Palin likes publicity, then her family will get plenty of it here. But none of it will be good. This is one of the worst public fights by a political family that can ever be recalled.

Further fueling this whole mess is not only the public appetite to hear this story, but the scandal sheets interest in this story as well. And neither the Palin nor the Johnston family have done a thing to quiet down this story. Quite the contrary, both families seem to jump at any opportunity to go public with more accusations and complaints about the other family. Last week when Sarah Palin's dad got involved in the conflict, thenm it only spurred the other Johnston family members to join with young Levi Johnston to appear on Larry King to lob more complaints about the Palin family.

Since John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate for his badly failed 2008 presidential bid in which this team failed to even win many dependably Republican states, goofy publicity and stories continue to surround Sarah Palin and her family. Now the public breakup of Sarah Palin's daughter who was pregnant out of wedlock with Levi Johnston is providing a whole new round of goofy publicity for the Palin family.

Move over White Trash Britney Spears, a new White Trash bunch is taking over here.