Friday, February 27, 2009

A Wild New Three Wheeled Motorcycle

There's a wild new three wheeled motorcycle soon to land in the U.S. named the LX-Day Crawler. This wild new three wheeled motorcycle is also marketed under the Chinese Spider nameplate as well, and features a 250cc water cooled 4 stroke engine, 4 speed manual transmission and a very low $4,595 price tag.

This wild new bike seems to be greatly inspired by a $50,000 Swiss built machine with four wheels that uses a BMW engine, but has had significant importation problems because European four wheeled motorcycles are classified as automobiles according to federal rules, making U.S. importation very difficult to impossible. This Chinese built machine faces less importation difficulties because it was three wheels, still an acceptable number for U.S. motorcycle regulations, and a proven low emission 4 stroke engine design that is more conventional in design than the radical BMW engine in the much higher priced Swiss machine.

Three wheeled motorcycles have some safety advantages over their two wheeled counterparts that include much better stability and safety as well the ability to stand upright at stops compared to conventional motorcycles.

With street legal designs and much lower prices than the ultra-priced European machines, Chinese motorcycle makers may be able to chip a new place into the U.S. market. Wild three wheeler bikes might just be the coming thing. Trikes were once considered a 1960's hallmark of a few custom bike lovers. But with a low $4,595 price tag, these new generation of trikes might just find a new generation of buyers.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

I wonder how fast it goes, given the small engine size. I wish it was a little bigger engine, and would give the Can Am Spyder a run for it's money, being that the Can Am Spyder is overpriced and costs about four times as much.

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Edwin said...

The strange thing is that MANY people are advertising this item online and we actually became a dealer for it but no one has ever been able to order one.
They are held up awaiting DOT certs and there is rumor they may be sent back if it is true that they contain lead in the paint.
So far, the reviews from the importer (ROKETA) have not been favorable. They have extremely poor customer service, they do not maintian a supply of replacement parts for their products and their sales people are clueless. Just call them and act like you are already a customer and inquire about this item. You will see what I mean.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger obriej8 said...

It's an obvious knock-off of the CanAm Spyder. But the Spyder has traction control, stability control, and ABS. A 3-wheeler is not necessarily safer than a 2-wheeler without these safety features, which will no doubt be absent on the cheap knock-off. Plus, the Spyder has an engine that's 4x larger, and probably 6x more powerful. Come on: 250cc on a bike that will likely weigh 600+ lbs? It might need to have a pedal assist feature to get you all the way up those steep hills!
It may be 1/3 the price of a real Spyder, but you get what you pay for. It won't seem like such a good deal when it breaks down after a month and you can't get a replacement part. CanAm has both proven quality and an extensive dealer/parts network.


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